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The coronavirus crisis has changed many aspects of our lives. These extraordinary times can bring additional stresses and it can be easy for conflict to arise.

Mediation Works can help you fnd a quick and practical solution now without the upheaval and delays the courts are experiencing. We can do assessment meetings (MIAMS) and mediations online without either of you having to leave your homes.

Mediation can:

  • help you to find a solution you are both happy with
  • help you to be calm
  • help you engage in a difficult conversation
  • help you know that someone is listening and supporting you
  • help you to have some control to dampen down emotions
  • help you to receive reassurance and hope

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Mediation Works

Haema has launched Mediation Works, a London family mediation practice, to reflect her passion in the benefits of mediation. If you are keen to find a peaceful and effective resolution to a family issue, mediation is a good choice for you.

You may be embarking on a life together, starting a family, or separating after a long relationship. Mediation will help you form agreements that best suit you and your family. You have the freedom to develop alternative solutions. Haema, as your family mediator, will guide you through the process.

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The advantages of mediation are proven. It is quicker and cheaper whilst being less stressful for you and your children. You retain control.

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